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About Us

Since 1970, Bohn & Company has brought a combination of engineered and technical sales to manufacturers throughout the Midwest USA and provided a wide range of cast and molded metal and plastic component products. Manufacturers have drawn upon our experience and expertise to provide the optimal manufacturing solutions that deliver the high quality and cost-effective components that make their products even better.

Whether prototypes for product development and testing, to tight tolerance, high volume production, we start with your design and product needs, analyze the engineering and cost requirements, and then propose the best combination of design, materials, and process solutions for full scale production.

For over 40 years our multi-man agency has provided the expertise and solutions to users of metal and plastic products in:





We Provide A Full Range of Manufacturing Solutions

Sintered or Powder Metal (PM) is one of the most economical ways to fabricate high quality and tight tolerances for small structural metal components in high volume.

A modern process with age old roots, we provide Sand, Investment, Permanent Mold and Die Castings in a full range of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous alloys.

Progressive Die (prog die) and Multi-Slide® (four slide) metal stampings of brackets, covers, connectors and other hardware for automotive and electronic applications.

Precision plastics and assemblies in quantities from less than a few hundred to hundreds of thousands per year; by Machining, Liquid Resin Casting or Injection Molding in almost any plastic resin material imaginable.

Multi-Axial Vertical, Horizintal and Lathe machine centers via Computerised Numerically Controlled (CNC) cutting tools to remove material by drilling, milling and turning.

Multi-Axis screw machine capabilities with Single and Multi-Spindle equipment for both low to high volumes runs; and CNC Swiss and Precision turning in materials of all types.

Bending and forming tube and solid wire or bar using CNC, Rotary Draw, Mandrel and assorted Press equipment to fabricate critical precision structural supports.

Plasma and CO2 laser cutting, Punch Press, CNC machining, Welding, and Brake press Forming and Bending capabilities for sheet metal and other fabricated assemblies.

Providing innovative management and exceptional service to manufacturers for scrap metal materials and recycling programs to maximize efficiencies and value.

We know how to make things right!